Welcome to Woodsview Istanbul

Woodsview International Nursery and Pre-school was founded in Istanbul in the year 2000 by Sharon Harding, who has also developed the curriculum ‘Woodsview’.

‘Woodsview curriculum’ was created to suit all young learners from all countries and cultures. ‘Woodsview curriculum’ provides a strong psychologically supportive, safe climate for young children to ‘learn how to learn’. Woodsview empowers its children by sharing control and focusing on the children’s strengths.

The school is now a family business with both daughters, Maresa and Asli, developing the curriculum further with new knowledge and strengths. The curriculum does not just mean academic needs. It means care for all our children’s needs and enjoyment during a school day.

We offer small classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers from two years up to six years of age. We pride ourselves on giving our children the individual attention they deserve to feel secure and express their needs creatively in a family-like atmosphere. We nurture the forming of strong relationships by supporting children’s play and adopting a problem solving approach to social conflict.

Woodsview is a child-centred inquiry-based curriculum delivered through our syllabus in English. The syllabus includes language, yoga, mathematics, science, art, sewing, cookery, music and physical education.

The Woodsview curriculum is international in focus and reflects the varied cultures of our global society. The content focuses on the need for children to find answers to their own questions. Therefore, we scaffold their education, providing a strong framework for children to ‘learn-how-to-learn’ and think independently.

Ms. Sharon Harding M.A.

Founder and Principal

Woodsview International Nursery and Pre-schools

Istanbul, Turkey and Vienna, Austria